Bobrisky blasts troll who said he can’t wait to see what he’d look like at 60

Bobrisky, The Famous Nigerian cross-dresser, has ripped troll apart after he said he can’t wait to see what he’d look like in his 60s.

The aspiring transgender who recently hinted a gender-change surgery had made a post wherein a troll took to the comment section to reveal his readiness to wait until he turns 60 so as to see what he would look like.

However, the the comment didn’t sit well with the cross-dresser, Bobrisky who wasted no time and tore him into uncountable shreds.

He wrote, “Comments like this make me laugh out hard Brother Chrisdike pray make bike or trailer no jam you this year first before waiting to see another person’s life in 60 years to come.

Are you the owner of life? Oh you forgot that life doesn’t belong to you.”

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